Series Arctic

Series Arctic
Necklace Bust 7C/BU1AA
Necklace Bust 7C/BU1BA
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Necklace Bust 7C/BU1CA
Necklace Bust 7C/BU2BH
Necklace Bust 7C/BU2AH
Necklace Bust 7C/BU3
Earring Stand DP23A
Earring Stand DP23
Earring Stand 7C/ST1
Earring Stand 7C/ST2
Earring Stand 7C/ST2D
Earring Stand DE34O4A
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Earring Stand DE34O5A
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Series Arctic

Earring Stand DE34O5A - 30x30x30 mm

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Stand for single ring 7C/R2
Stand for bracelet DP9A2
Stand for bracelet DP10A2
Stand for bracelet DPW1
Plastic clip for rings KG50 Plastic clip for rings KG50 2
Stand for ring / Plastic clip KG50/10
Stand for ring / Earring tree KG51

100x Earring tree KG51 - 51x25/35mm

From €66.00
Transparent plastic clip for watches 7G/P1
Transparent plastic clip for watches 7G/P2 Transparent plastic clip for watches 7G/P2 2
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Decoration series / Jewelry busts series Arctic

Timeless and elegant – the clarity of the frosted surfaces allows coloured stones to shine intensely and fine jewellery shown to advantage. The flowing forms of the busts and and display stands deliberately take the back seat, allowing each of the jewellery pieces presented to come to the foreground.

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