Trays for jewelry and watches
Ring tray 6716 with 20 containers
Jewelry case 4000/61 Jewelry case 4000/61 2
Ring tray 4163 for 49 rings
Tray for necklaces 4237 with 12 grooves
Ring tray 4115 with 12 containers
Vacuum-formed insert 4256 with 16 compartments
Jewelry tray 4230A
Jewelry Tray / Empty Tray RL1F/17
Tray 4801X for watches with 1 compartment
Jewelry case 4001/61 Jewelry case 4001/61 2
Label frame 704E
Ring tray 4749 for 12 rings
Bust tray 4740 for necklace and ring
Vacuum-formed insert 4253V with 35 deep compartments
Set trays RLD22A
Jewelry Tray / Empty Tray RL3F/17 Jewelry Tray / Empty Tray RL3F/17 2
Watch tray 4804X10 with 10 supports Watch tray 4804X10 with 10 supports 2
Jewelry case 4027R with laptop bag Jewelry case 4027R with laptop bag 2
Top cover
Tray for bracelets 4136
Bust tray for necklace / Tray for chains 4156
Ring tray 47WD4 with 4 rolls
Ring tray 4117 with 10 rows
Empty tray / Jewelry tray 3525
Trays with compartment

Jewelry Tray 3525 - 345x235x25 mm - 1 compartment

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Trays for the presentation of watches and jewelry - Kling jewelry trays and trays for watches

Especially for jewelers and jewelery dealers, the jewelry trays and watch trays of Kling are an indispensable work tool. With the help of our trays, you present your jewelry and your watches skillfully at the point of sale and ensure a professional appearance at the customer. Kling's jewelry trays and watch trays are available in many different variants - so there are currently five tray series at Kling, which differ primarily in terms of a different choice of material and the intended use. Matching our trays, there are the appropriate suitcases so that you can present your jewelry accordingly and bring it safely to the destination even when visiting customers in the field. We are your partner for elegant jewelry trays and high-quality watch trays!

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