Showcases and glass cabinets
Jewelry Showcase 23817B2 Jewelry Showcase 23817B2 2
Jewelry Showcase 24573B Jewelry Showcase 24573B 2
Jewelry Showcase 21152B Jewelry Showcase 21152B  2
Twin-Showcase 24745B Twin-Showcase 24745B 2
Jewelry Showcase 21150B10 Jewelry Showcase 21150B10 2
Watch showcase 20750B9 Watch showcase 20750B9  2
Jewelry Showcase 24089B Jewelry Showcase 24089B  2
Showcase Showcase 2
Glass Showcase 24760B Glass Showcase 24760B  2
Ringobar 21750R
Ringobar 21751/3R
Ringobar 21310/4
Ringobar 21310/1
Ringobar 20965
Acrylic Counter Ringobar 22477
Security elements 20960D1/D1L for ringobar
Watch Showcase 23817B2U Watch Showcase 23817B2U  2
Yellow showcase 24910B - 585x455x1950 mm Yellow showcase 24910B - 585x455x1950 mm 2
Purple Jewelry Showcase 24910B - 585x455x1950 mm Purple Jewelry Showcase 24910B - 585x455x1950 mm 2
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Kling showcases and glass cabinets

Showcases made by Kling form an exclusive setting for the very best presentation of your products. In addition to individually designed showcases, Kling offers a wide range of high-quality standard models. Our range of showcases stand out though functionality, elegant simplicity and assist you to achieve increased sales revenue at point of sale. On the following pages, you will find an overview of our showcase ranges as well as the many possibilities of customisation available.

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